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5 novembre 2009
Central European House of Photography, Slovakia
Österreichisches Kulturforum in Bratislava.
Gottfried Helnwein - One man show
Month of Photography in Bratislava - 5. November 2009 - 31. December 2009
The Golden Age 2 (Marilyn Manson)
photograph, 2003, 200 x 130 cm / 78 x 51''
European Month of Photography
International co-operation in photography? Of course, nothing could be more self-evident! Even 165 years ago when the photographic procedure was first present in Paris, it was already part of a European network, and it could only triumph because its investors, promoters and users were free of national narrow-mindedness. Since then the progress achieved in photography has been linked to the principle of exchanging information and experience, to the interplay of learning and teaching, and to the encouragement of creativity. The "Month of Photography" takes up this good tradition: may it be one brick of the House of European Culture in the 21st century.
Thomas Friedrich

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