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8 mars 2006
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Der Rosenkavalier - Selected Reviews
..for a moment it seemed like Gottfried Helnwein’s magical set will start to sing as well.
There has never been a production with such a quality around: amazing singing, brilliant direction, a shining orchestra and a magical set. The Israeli Opera is at its amazing best. Kurt Rydl only opens his mouth and he brings the house down. It is not only his great voice, it is his humor, his style, his singing. Soprano Nancy Weissbach (the Marschallin) touches heaven with her voice. It is a voice of a stylized diamond. Stephanie Houtzell has a charming stage presence with a voice that is no less beautiful than Agnes Baltsa. And a new star is born: Israeli soprano Chen Reiss (Sophie) projects a crystal clear voice. Maximilian Shell managed to puts a grain of sadness into the comic side of the opera and for a moment it seemed like Gottfried Helnwein’s magical set will start to sing as well.
Asher Fisch drew a crystallized and bright sound from the orchestra, adding poetry into Strauss’ humor. And the climax was at the last act as the final trio became an homage to Strauss himself replete with lyricism and humane musicianship. This is an exhilarating production!
Hanoch Ron, Yediot Aharonot (March 22, 2006)
Maximilian Shell and Gottfried Helnwein created a rich and magical production.
Each act has its own color with matching costumes. The climax is in the third act in the enchanting singing of the three female singers in the final trio. Kurt Rydl is impressive as Ochs with his amazing stage presence and charming humor and Chen Reiss is a superb singing actress.
Elyakim Yaron, Maariv (March 23, 2006)
Stunning sets and brilliant direction
With an amazing group of superb singers, stunning sets and brilliant direction this production is worth its four and half hours length. This is a production full with color and imagination, which brilliantly combines grotesque and realism, and the result is charming. Almost all of the singers are excellent. Kurt Rydl is an excellent Ochs because of his colorful voice and amazing acting. Nancy Weissbach as the Marschallin showcases a beautiful voice and an impressive stage presence, Stephanie Houtzell as Octavian and Michael Krauss as Faninal were very good. Israeli Chen Reiss was an excellent Sophie. Asher Fisch is responsible no doubt for the musical success of the production. He drew from the singers and the orchestra an exceptional qualitative performance. The orchestra has not projected such a rich colorful sound for a long time. Last week I watched the Carlos Kleiber DVD of Der Rosenkavalier. I must admit that in many places Fisch is as good. The excellent production is a huge achievement for the Israeli Opera
Omer Shomroni (Globs, March 21, 2006)
The design adds a lot to the production.
This production features very good singers headed by Kurt Rydl (Ochs): Nancy Weissbach (the Marschallin), Stephanie Houtzell (Octavian) and Chen Reiss (Sophie). The design adds a lot to the production. Weissbach portrays a convincing deep character, Houtzell is good as well yet it is Rydl who steals the show. The orchestra plays especially beautiful.
Hagai Hitron (Haaretz, March 21, 2006)
Der Rosenkavalier
Der Rosenkavalier

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