1 janvier 1983
Helnwein meets with Andy Warhol at his factory in New York
"Andy (Warhol) invited me to the factory in New York 1983 and after he told me how he loved my work, he asked me to follow him into an empty room where we sat down opposite to each other and he just froze and he didn't say anything and he didn't move. We sat there in silence for some time and I didn't know what to do - at first it was strange and it felt kind of awkward, but then slowly everything started to transcend and the tension dissipated and nothing seemed important anymore. Andy looked like a wax-dummy in the posture of a pharaoh that had been dead since thousands of years - the room around us became darker and darker and the white of Andy's face and hair got a glow so intense that it started to burn my eyes. I realized that we were floating now somewhere in outer space and nothing mattered anymore and I raised my Nikon and shot."
Gottfried Helnwein
Interview, Dansk Magazine, London, August 10, 2006

Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol
silver print, 1983, 99 x 66 cm / 38 x 25''

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