1 avril 2004
First Exhibition of Helnwein's Landscapes under the title "Irish and other Landscapes"at the Crawford Municipal Gallery, Cork, Ireland
"The Times"(UK) comments on the show:"...these photo-paintings appear even more real than a photograph: they are hyper-real, super-saturated depictions of the world that surrounds us, as we would like to see it. Helnwein’s landscapes offer us the world as we see it in our mind’s eye, our memories. What is certain is that with these works Helnwein has raised the bar for artists to come with art that is groundbreaking in terms of scale, skill and vision. Painted mountains, fields and sky can never be the same again."
HELNWEIN, IRISH AND OTHER LANDSCAPES - Gottfried Helnwein, one man show, 01. July 2004 - 01. August 2004
The Crawford Municipal Art Gallery
Cork, Ireland
Peter Murray
Chief Curator
"Helnwein's meticulous Irish landscapes, which are the cornerstone of this Crawford show, are unashamedly aesthetic: gorgeous confections of pure, delicious spectacle. The typically epic but not inhuman scale imitates the subject matter. The tonal realism will make people go "Wow, are they paintings?" - thanks to the photorealist finish which seems free of the foibles of the human hand. Helnwein works with very small brushes - highlighting and subtly magnifying here, muting colours or creating shadows there; pushing some paintings towards momentary sleights of impressionism; and others towards seamless, burnished hyperreality. The bird's eye view suggests a kind of superhuman vision which can simultaneously take in the entire view with breath-taking clarity, like some bionic eagle."
Mic Moroney, from the essay "Out of the Apocalypse into the Sublime - bursting into Irish Landscape: Citizen Helnwein"
Helnwein, irish and other Landscapes
Helnwein, irish and other Landscapes

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