1 janvier 2004
Oxford University Press
Selma Jeanne Cohen
Dance Perspectives Foundation
International encyclopedia of dance
... collaborators include the composers Walter Haupt, Peter Raben, and Kurt
Schwertsik and the designers VA Wofl, Anne Steiner, and Gottfried Helnwein. ...
Title International encyclopedia of dance: a project of Dance Perspectives Foundation, Inc
Authors Selma Jeanne Cohen, Dance Perspectives Foundation
Editors Selma Jeanne Cohen, Dance Perspectives Foundation
Contributor Selma Jeanne Cohen
Edition illustrated
Publisher Oxford University Press, 1998
Item notes v. 4
ISBN 0195123085, 9780195123081
Length 700 pages
Subjects Ballet
Performing Arts / Dance / Classical
Performing Arts / Dance / General
Performing Arts / Dance / Reference
Performing Arts / General
3959 pages
Book overview
Since the dawn of human history, dance has been a vital form of expression in virtually every culture. From the minuet to the tango to kabuki theater to square dancing, it is a part of the social fabric of all societies, as well as an important art form. Now, Oxford presents the first
reference to document all types of dance around the world and throughout history.
In six volumes, with nearly 2,000 articles written by scholars from over fifty countries, the Encyclopedia offers authoritative coverage of the full spectrum of dance, including theatrical, ritual dance-drama, folk, traditional, ethnic, and social dance. Extensive historical and cultural
overviews of many nations appear along with articles on specific dance forms, music and costumes, performances, biographies of dancers and choreographers, and much more. The set is alphabetically arranged, with an exhaustive index, full cross-references, and more than 2,300 illustrations.
Amazing in its scope and dazzling in its diversity, the Encyclopedia is like no other reference work on dance. Accessibly written and arranged for use by a wide audience, it is an essential addition to any arts and humanities collection.

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