1 janvier 2005
Published by Pocket Essentials
Performing Arts
Colin Odell, Michelle Le Blanc
Tim Burton: the pocket essential‎
The father role is played with gravity by Christopher Lee who hooks his candy-deprived child up to elaborate Helnwein-style dental monstrosities. ...
Pocket Essentials is a dynamic series of books that are concise, lively, and easy to read. Packed with facts as well as expert opinions, each book has all the key information you need to know about such popular topics as film, television, cult fiction, history, and more. Tim Burton is a contradiction—a filmmaker who has a unique style and yet remains grounded in the Hollywood studio system. His world is one of outsiders on the periphery of society. His heroes are psychologically scarred, perpetually naive and childlike, misunderstood, or unintentionally disruptive. But most of all his films have an overriding aura of the fairy tale, the fantastic, and the magical. This Pocket Essential looks at the man and his films, from his early shorts right through to his latest blockbusters. It covers the films, their making, and their merit.
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Tim Burton: the pocket essential
By Colin Odell, Michelle Le Blanc
Edition: 2
Published by Pocket Essentials, 2005
Item notes: pbk.
Original from the University of Michigan
Digitized May 21, 2008
ISBN 1904048455, 9781904048459
158 pages

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